EMAIL ADDRESS: saleenfurniture@yahoo.com.au                  FACTORY DIRECT FURNITURE.

How do I become a Preferred Customer at Saleen Furniture?

To become a preferred customer at Saleen Furniture, all you need to do is make an online account. It only takes a moment, press ‘Submit’ and the job is done! There are numerous benefits:

  • You can track your order online
  • Receive notifications of exclusive offers and events
  • Retrieve your online shopping cart from any device


Do you accept Cash on delivery orders?

No we do not accept cash on delivery... UNLESS YOU HAVE PURCHASED IN PERSON FROM OUR EPPING OUTLET with a deposit.  All payments must be done in advance after placing order online.

Are the prices in my Shopping Cart guaranteed?

It is our first primacy to offer the lowest prices on all the items we sale. Sometimes there are changes in the price of items, which can even occur overnight. In this case, those orders which are stored in your Shopping Cart are subject to change.

Floor prices may be higher than online peices. However, often you can pick up floor stock clearance.

Can I see your furniture in a store?

To see our products, check the available listings. The enlarged images can be found in the respective product’s page.

Floorstock is limited so not everything is on the floor. We can show you catalogues, photos, etc. 

Do you make Furniture on orders? YES standard and Customised.

YES we do; we try to make what we can in Australia and keep jobs here but we are also an E-commerce website made to bring you the best furniture available and in the most affordable prices.

We do custom built LOUNGES in fabrics of your choice, Vinyl and Leather.  We try to think ahead and point out features that make your furniture last longer. Double sided cushions that you can rotate and turn over, high density foam, etc.

We also do Pantries, Wardrobes, bedroom furniture, lounge room furniture all custom built. 

We do all types of mattresses and we like to help you with our assessment of what kind of mattress we can offer: Simple basic budget to middle quality to Top of the range.... pocket springs, Latex and Foam.      

Where can I call if I have questions about my order? Australia: 61 3 9408 9755 Leave Message/ fax 9408 9775 

In case of queries, product information or tracking of orders you can call at the number available in “Contact us” page.